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These are new features that we added to BlogML Schema or .NET APIs for incoming version:
  • Support for multi-author content: Blogs can have a list of authors in definition and individual posts can have an author from that list via an identifier reference. This new feature has been implemented both in Schema and .NET APIs.
  • Support for post excerpt: Excerpt is a brief description about each post and some blogging tools support it. Now BlogML supports this feature and each post can have an excerpt as well. It has been implemented in Schema and .NET APIs.
  • Support for extended blog properties: We had a discussion with Darren about this. We agreed to use two kinds of extended properties for Blog object: Well-known properties and user-defined properties. Some examples of extended properties can be blog comments moderation type, total blog posts, total blog comments, total blog trackbacks and similar properties. We'll define some common properties as well-known properties and will leave others for users to define them. This feature has been implemented in Schema and .NET APIs both but needs tests.
  • Support for reading post attachment MIME type in .NET APIs: Previously you could write MIME type of an attachment as an attribute into BlogML file but couldn't read it from .NET Reader APIs. Just for Phil :-P
  • Support for special post types: One of common special post types in .NET blogging tools is Article. Now BlogML supports special post types (currently Normal or Article). This new feature has been applied to Schema and .NET APIs as well.
  • Support for post names: Now you can save and get post names in BlogML. This is a SEO friendly feature and can help users to avoid borken links on migrations easier.

To let all members know what's going on. These features haven't tested completely but could pass initial tests.

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