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Code Repository Layout

This page described the layout of the code repository layout for the BlogML project. The following figure shows the folder structure of the repository:


Each versioned release of BlogML has a folder structure in the code repository that is comprised of the following sections:
  • Code Folder: A top level folder that contains all of the code artifacts for working with tools. These include the BlogML API's, tools, test harness code, and existing blog engine implementations.
  • Specification Folder: A top level folder that contains the BlogML schema file, test XML data that conforms to the current schema, and XSLT transformation files that transform from one version of BlogML to another.

The code folder contains sub-folders for each language that has BlogML tools. For example, the above figure shows the Code folder with a child folder named DotNet; the DotNet folder would contain API's, tools and existing blog engine implementations that are written in .NET code. If a Perl implementation of the API's, tools, and blog engine implementations were to be created then they would be stored in a separate folder named Perl which a child folder of the Code folder.

UPDATE 20060807
We are no longer going to use a named folder in the source repository to represent the version number (ie: 1.0.0 in the above image).

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